Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, 1 of the Bay Islands of Honduras is a lovely slow-living place. Visited by many Americans, with some even owning summer homes or time shares, restaurants serving pizzas, burgers, steaks are all over & the food quality, I must admit, is very good.

New buildings coming up next to our hotel; view taken from a water-taxi.
Transport by water-taxis is actually faster than going by roads over curved hilly terrain, unless you’re going inland. You can also walk along the beach but be prepared for  uneven sandbed and water pools.

Everyone, & I mean everyone, is friendly and life seems so stress free.

Stand out on the “dock”, wave & a water-taxi will come your way.  If you get off here and walk inland, the main road is unpaved & you can catch a bus.

Family boat with dog probably going  on a shopping trip.  Shopping is done in little village stores.



Notice the old mangrove “tree” formerly 1 plant but torn apart by Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the most powerful & destructive hurricane to hit the area.

Many houses also destroyed, have been left as is.  I guess the owner of this one decided that this entrance was unsafe & left his door  without steps.

We walked for the whole morning, exploring the island and it being a vacation, what better way to rest than to lay on a hammock for a short shut-eye.

  What a life!!