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The Gourds Must Be Crazy

The heat resistant Luffa vine has been kind to me this (extra hot) summer. Some years there are more male flowers so less fruition but this time I see Ma Nature allowing loads of female blooms. I think she’s helping our bees as well, with food nearby, so less need for heated long distance buzzing.

Yes, it is producing gourds galore – good reason to eat what’s in season.

Some Angled Luffa hanging from the arbor.

This one needs a ladder to get to ~ now that’s really hanging loose ~ shaka🤟

I love my usual simple-to-cook Luffa Fu Yong dish which I sometimes like to vary by adding what I find in the freezer. 

Luffa & sliced chicken

and when nicely sauteed till fragant

Add the egg as natural thickener (of sort)

And when I’m in the mood for some spicy dish, I cook it Indian style which is called the Peechinga Curry.

The basic items, ready for the pan.

Follow the recipe on this Link and you will get a pan full of hot (temperature and taste-wise) delicious Luffa.

Luffa cooked Indian style

Delicious with plain white rice … and vegetarian too!

I have to remember to take more pics and record what/how my Luffa gourds end up in the kitchen as. They are definitely not just grown for scrub sponges.


Luffa or Loofah or 广东丝瓜

Whichever way it’s spelt or written, I grow both Egyptian Luffa which is smooth surfaced and Luffa acutangula which is angled luffa, to be used as food rather than for sponge. I once posted and made it known that Yes, I eat Luffa!

It blooms beautifully in summer, but it is unpredictable when deciding whether it should produce more male or female blooms at any one time, usually more of one than the other, rather than 50/50. I guess it’s Ma Nature’s way of population control.

Blooms galore…

Right now, there are blooms all over the trellis but my Angled Luffa is producing 1 female to 9 males. I guess I shouldn’t complain as I’m still get some gourds for kitchen use.

Good Gourds!

I always make one of the simplest (and one of my favorites too) when out of ideas as to what to cook for a meal.

Luffa Fu Yong

In case anyone growing Luffa is curious to try:
– 2 Green Luffas (make sure it’s soft when pressed & heavy – loaded with liquid within)
– 4 cloves Garlic & 1/2″ ginger finely diced
– 6 Dried Shiitake Mushrooms & some Black Fungus, soaked & cut into fine strips
– Sesame Oil, 2 Eggs, Pepper, Soy Sauce, and some water
1. Skin/peel Luffas
2. Oblique cut into bite size
3. Rub in just a pinch of salt
4. Put sesame oil in hot pan & sauté diced garlic & ginger till fragrant
5. Add Shiitake Mushrooms & Black Fungus
6. Mix well and add 1/4 cup water, pepper and soy sauce
7. When steaming hot, add luffa & stir-fry until luffa turns a little translucent
8. Add a little extra water if more gravy preferred, then add eggs.  Wait till egg whites
begin to turn opaque then gently mix.
9. Serve (with garnishing of your choice).
* 3 servings if eaten with rice.
Ideal for ovo-vegetarians




Hurricanes and Vacations don’t mix well but …

What do you do when you’re thousands of miles away from home, on vacation, and you read on the internet that a category 3 hurricane, with a possibility of getting to 4, is heading towards your home? 😮
There wasn’t much I could do really, and to make matters worse, the closer Hurricane Matthew headed towards Florida the likelier was the possibility that my humble abode was about to get hit by the eye. So there I was along the shores of Lake MacQuarie in sunny Australian Spring weather listening to CNN live weather report wondering if I would  have a house to go back to.

My consolation was just knowing I would not be in the way of Matthew’s sadistic whirlwind delirium. (Having been through Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne and Wilma, trust me, I know what hurricanes can do.) After consolation, came relief ~ he decided to blow at 68 mph instead of over 100mph as he had done over Haiti.

Today, upon my return … ah yes, the house is still standing.
Upon closer inspection, *relief* there are no leak marks.
And the garden cum food forest?


A living 3-week old mess!

Mother Nature's mulch supply.

Mother Nature’s mulch supply.

Some lived; some died.

Some lived; some died.

Some actually coming back to life!

Some actually coming back to life!

Tidying up needed, but not too bad.

Tidying up needed, but not too bad.

We had to save the doors but left the plants to Ma Nature.

We had to save the patio doors but left the plants to Ma Nature.

BUT … it’s not been a total tragedy ~ perhaps a nudge to rethink and redo, to work with Mother Nature and the changes she brings forth. It’s also eye-opening when I see and learn new things such as …

The hive survived! even though the vegetation around got demolished.

The hive survived!
even though the vegetation around it got demolished.

... and the bees are hurricane tolerant.

… and the bees are hurricane tolerant.

The trellis collapsed but not the Passiflora vine.

The trellis collapsed but not the Passiflora vine.

They are actually bearing fruit!

They are actually bearing fruit!

lots of fruit!

lots of fruit!

Even the Cassava (which I call Ubi Kayu) is calling out ~ “cut me, I’m ready for harvest!”

Nice and ready.

Nice and ready.

But tomorrow ~ stir fried Angled Gourd ( 絲瓜) with eggs and garlic for lunch!

Dead vine but edible gourd.

Dead vine but edible gourd.

Life goes on …