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My Summer Indicator

Yes, it’s Summer … just passed Summer Solstice … but how do I know it’s just as warm as the Tropics? With Mother Nature’s help.

Admittedly I live with my little vegetable-turf and try to grow all kinds edibles which I can harvest during different seasons. I love Asian Spinach (Bayam/苋菜) which is a perennial but grows better in Fall, nevertheless I simply leave some to bolt and produce new plants whenever they feel conditions are right.

Asian Spinach (Bayam/苋菜)

BUT … amongst this greenery which provides some shade, some sprouts have emerged to indicate that it’s Summer!

See the Sprout?

That is the Cekur or Sand Ginger (Kaempferia galanga) which is a beautiful groundcover… but I grow them more for use in the kitchen.

The warmth loving ginger.

Young leaves capturing water.

Soon, some Sand Ginger leaves will garnish & add flavor to sautéed Asian Spinach and later, both leaves and roots will be used when preparing Kerabu or Malay style salad which is rice based.



Re-seeding left to Nature

Soon, the cool weather vegetables will grow, hopefully, to cover grounds which once bore its parent.  “It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree…”  Luke 13:19

Mine won’t be a great tree but I see signs that my Asian Spinach (Bayam/苋菜) is ready to grow and provide me with some excellent greens for Fall.  A mother plant, left to grow since Spring has produced thousands of seeds.

Bayam seeds on the mother plant.

Bayam seeds on the mother plant.

And these seeds are smaller, much smaller, than mustard seeds.

Micro size seeds

Micro size seeds

Yet they bring such joy, as signs of life emerge… slowly but surely, around their mother plant.

Asian spinach seedlings

Asian spinach seedlings

And soon I will have spinach stir-fries ~ with olive oil & garlic; with sambal paste; with salted beans & tofu … *sigh* I wish Popeye is a neighbor, I’d gladly share.

Just for information, I do not uproot each plant for harvest. I cut off each stem leaving 2″ and 8 out of 10 will regrow, as if they have been coppiced.  Roots left in the ground will eventually turn to compost and feed the worms and their micro buddies in the soil… it’s just a stage in the biological life cycle.  :mrgreen: