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What a chemical free Food Forest brings your way …

I know it looks kind of strange but …

Guest room's window view.

Guest room’s window view.

that’s what my guest(s) will see when looking out of one of the bedside windows. It’s my form of sun-shading and window dressing.

That's a gourd window dressing.

That’s a gourd window dressing, almost ready for harvest.

… and then there’s my kitchen window scene too!

It's my green scene.

That’s food hanging by the window.

My beehive is in the background and some gourds in the foreground. Are you wondering why I’m keep all these green gourd vines in its natural unruly form? This morning, I had a camera in hand ~ at the right place and the right time.

Who needs insecticides & pesticides? Let Mother Nature take care of things.