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The circle of a Food Chain

From seeds to seeds … and more seeds …
It all usually begins with buying seeds to feed the birds. If you are not a keen lawn mowing activist and allow some so-called weeds to grow along planting borders, you will be surprised what appears.

Nature’s bird food ~ millet

Fresh bird seeds, grown from seeds sown by the birds after consuming from human-made bird feeder(s). Yes, volunteer Millet plants! They are actually quite pretty, adding color to the garden.

Garden assistants helping to pollinate.

Aphids join in the food ring for their plant-sap needs

The ants will pollinate and help the aphids; the aphids will multiply …


and soon the Ladybugs will come to devour the aphids, while the Millet will ripen to once again feed the birds.

Nature’s well-planned food chain circle.



From Seed to Feed

Sunflowers make me smile, I guess they just make people happy. They sure made Vincent van Gogh happy. He even had some in his paintings that clearly indicated the formation of seeds.sunflower
I grow them for the birds ~ & thankfully I’m not allergic to the pollen.sunflowerseeds Notice how Mother Nature has created an almost geometric design in the placement of seeds, matching their shape to fit them to the max into this circular receptacle… almost like she used calculus computation… just beautiful!

sunflowerseedsBut coming back down-to earth ~ I leave some on their stalks and collect some which will go into my can of seeds for the birds… my flying-free backyard pets. Today, the birds were happy I left some fresh ones on their feeder and so was I, watching them munch seeds & spit shells.