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Lovebirds being made known and shown

The Lovebirds were together this morning amongst the vines of the Passionfruit. It’s a foot away from my kitchen window.

She eats while he stands guard,
oh! what love does to the heart.
They are just birds and not like us,
I guess birds show love without any fuss.

Something tells me that this is in preparation of eggs and chicks forthcoming this Spring.



Visitors in Marital Spat

Early this morning, as I sat at the picnic bench on our side patio, admiring the sunrise,  appreciating the cool, clean air, listening to bird chirps and the rustle of leaves ~ then in came my visitors.

He came in first and indulged in the goodies laid out.

Gentleman first ... he must have been hungry.

Gentleman first … he must have been hungry.

Suddenly he hopped onto a Seagrape shrub just below and I could hear some angry chirping. Yes, it was real bird anger.

The visitors

The visitors ~ she was mad at him.

Can you see the anger?

Can you see the anger? the frown lines?

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Mrs Cardy

My adorable Papaya protectors are the Cardinals. I call them (a couple) my holy-birds, as they seem to know when beetles or moths have laid their eggs on the Papaya buds & caterpillars are present or about to come forth. They actually hop on the tree which is very close to my back door & eat away.

ImageThat’s Mrs Cardy ~ she’s the brown one.


And there are the love birds, Mr & Mrs C on their dining table.