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Butterflies Are Free

Many years ago, I saw a movie titled Butterflies Are Free starring Edward Albert and Goldie Hawn. I’ve never forgotten that title or the song in the movie.
“Open up my spirits wide and let them go
I will take tomorrow’s wings and fly
Nothing’s gonna keep me off that glory road
And when that wild wind blows I’m gonna ride…”

Each time I now see the formation of a beautiful butterfly ~ that song just comes to mind. I’ve grown patient. Yes, I will wait, observe each day, but patiently wait.

Right outside my back door, in permaculture zone 1, on my Dillweed …

Very young caterpillar I spotted at night (while out to cut some chives).

It enjoyed munching on my Dillweed and I enjoyed watching it grow.

A few days later.

Oh what Beauty!

Then, when it felt just right, with Mother Nature’s guidance (no parent needed), it just built its own privacy cocoon.

Look at the 2 support/suspension strands.

How did it know that 2 suspension strands were needed? At what angle was its hibernation abode supposed to be? Did it have a design blueprint for its temporary apartment? Continue reading


Caterpillars … yum yum!

Why on earth we chose an Oleander shrub to be inserted into our front privacy hedge is beyond me.

Each time when the plant looks healthily green and budding those pesty Oleander Caterpillars appear. Clusters of their eggs hatch at the same time and they just devour that plant as if they’re at an “all-you-can-eat” buffet. I guess the smart birds somehow know that they are poisonous and do not include them in their diet ~ so they continue disfiguring the plant.

Poisonous creatures eating poisonous plant.

Poisonous creatures eating poisonous plant.

This time I actually kept checking to see if my gardening assistant would come to help out and after 2 days, (s)he did!

Yum yum ...

Yum yum …

Devouring mode

Devouring mode

Yes, Ma Nature is taking care of/balancing this cycle of life.  So you see, Wasps are not bad pests, they serve a purpose and that is why I don’t spray to kill them.

They tasted good, I guess.

They tasted good, I guess.


Now to wait and see what comes to eat the Wasps.


Baby Black Swallowtails

Baby Monarchs

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. They’ve got good taste choosing on my Dill Weed to gorge themselves till they grow wings