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Coconuts got re-homed (again)

It’s been over a year since I got my 2 green healthy coconuts, undamaged by human hands, which is very rare in my temperate region hick town. Well, at least I do have 2 coconut plants now ~ grown from seeds, or rather, grown from nuts.

Leaves sprouted from 4 months of 2014 summer heat, then they actually overcame winter with frost blankets and a homemade warming pot.  So yesterday they got moved to bigger homes for a (hopefully) more comfortable growth surge.

2 coconut young ones with their 'candle-claypot' warming device used in winter.

2 coconut young ones with their ‘candle-claypot’ warming device used in winter.

Summer time … with temperature which I know coconuts love.

Tucked up in their now home ~ don't they look more comfortable there?

Tucked up in their new home ~ don’t they look more comfortable there?

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Coconut “Seedling” Companions

I don’t think many gardeners have tried planting companions for Coconut Trees-to-be.  In the tropics, coconuts left on beaches, garden patches, anywhere… if undamaged will simply sprout, but not in areas with cool temperate zones.

It’s been over 8 months since I got these 2 green coconuts from a Mexican food store, took a gamble and put them in containers in hope of them sprouting. They did indeed sprout after 4 months.


Coconut seedling with a tomato plant & clover.


Coconut seedling with 2 tomato plants and a marigold.


They’ve been since re-potted in 5-gal buckets and fortunately this winter has been a mild one but I’m still prepared to move them indoors if the need arises.
Tomato seeds sowed in their pots are growing very well.  I hope that with their vertical growth the coconut trunks might be good support/trellis for the tomatoes. To-date I have not found notes pairing tomatoes with coconuts so it would be interesting if these 2 plants are actually good companions.

It’s Alive!!

My 1st Attempt at Growing Coconuts ~ a fruit & tree I grew up with ~ and actually miss. There’s nothing like freshly grated coconut & its thick, creamy milk (we call that Santan)  for curry & desserts!

After 4 long months & the fiery summer heat ~ It’s come Alive!!  😀

I see shoots!!

I see shoots!!

Mission (semi) Accomplished!!  Now to get them over the coming winter hurdle and let them hopefully mature before putting them into solid ground.