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Growing Corn Experiment

Is anyone reading this post into Permaculture or Edible Food Foresting?
OK, it’s admission time. I am. I’m very interested in cultivating a backyard full of edible plants/fruits. I have tried different ways to see if I can grow or propagate food plants ~ learning from books and the internet, for it is afterall my 1st garden.

When you have that 1 pathetic remaining cob in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, a month after the supermarket corn season, what do you do with it? I decided to semi-cover the whole cob with soil (unpeeled) in my sheltered patch behind a bokashi bin, which I know is shaded and perpetually moist.

I observed its ‘progress’ but today I just felt I had to move it/them to open space.

corn sprouts

Children of the Corn ~ sorry Mr King ~ just borrowing your words.

Green leaf needing sun.

Green leaves needing sun.

Has anyone grown corn this way? How did people grow corn in the past? What happened to cobs which were not harvested or overlooked in small corn patches?

The Corny Monster

The Corny Monster

I have sowed ‘Silver Queen’ corn and they are growing fine for now but I will leave these little corn sprouts in the hands of Mother Nature… and so goes my strange backyard experiments.