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Do Walls Affect Plants?


It’s still winter, but being at the border of zones 9b & 10a, I decided to plant a little differently this year ~ the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.
I found a neighbor’s discarded “extra” fence material & what better way to recycle?! Hubby built it a frame using wood pallets and we let it stand on 2 “bricks” (45¢ each from Walmart!) and thus created a “temporary” trellis, heavy enough to withstand Florida winds, leaning against a south concrete wall.

The frame on bricks leaning on wall.

The frame on bricks leaning on wall.

Then I put 3 tomato seeds into  the soil (end-December) and now I have a tomato forest of sort. Each morning I check to ensure the tomato branches are supported (also sniff at my Curry Leaf Plant right there) and all the other plants there are enjoying each others’ company and the worms* are happy.

My Green Wall

My Green Wall right behind the coppiced Curry Leaf plant (note the buried red bin)

Tomatoes & an accompanying baby Bittergourd

Tomatoes & an accompanying baby Bittergourd (arrowed)

Tomatoes growing all over...

Tomatoes growing all over…

and then there are beans ...

and then there are beans starting up …

Luffas too.

and Luffas too.

I’m not sure what else will show up from the soil but I think come Spring, it will provide me some interesting harvests.

*Worms ~ mentioned earlier in the post ~ they live in that little red bin which has no base. Yes, that is my most recent Vermicompost Bin but I add just a pinch of Bokashi Bran, to hasten food fermentation during winter, so that my worms get their tasty feed & poop their return.