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Recycling ~ done my way this summer

I’ve chosen to do something different this summer.

Re-do my “forest’s pathways” and improve the soil for Fall’s planting instead of concentrating on just on summer (tropical) vegetables. Yes, I’m doing it my way.

I’ve used corrugated cardboard – old wine cartons, appliance packaging, good thick brown cardboard from recycling dumpsters – cut them open, carpeted the paths, then wait for the afternoon rain (a common occurrence in Florida).

No red carpet… just plain return of tree material to soil.

A closer look at my handiwork :mrgreen:  …

Cardboard weed barrier

Covered with pine needles

They will look like natural forest paths in a couple of weeks and it hasn’t cost a cent! OK, they may need re-doing in a couple of years but it will give me time to re-plan and perhaps even re-design the pathways depending on the height of the in-ground trees and perennial edibles, as time passes.
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Sweet Potato

It’s summer! Time for sweet potato propagation… unlike in the Tropics when you can do that any time as it’s always warm.

I got the “saved” slips out of the soil and left it in 1″ of water lengthwise for 48 hours so that roots would grow. Image It sure grew faster that I expected. Every single slip had roots growing… yippee!Image




Time to put them in the “nursery basin” (my terminology), that’s a basin filled with 3″ of compost & soil.  Will check 1 week later.
Fingers crossed.

My excellent reminder link about Sweet Potatoes.