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The Food Wasters

Squirrels are an Edible Gardener’s nightmare. They do not just devour food crops when they are hungry, they will take teeny-weeny bites out of every fruit and leave their calling-cards or I should say clawing-cuts on whatever they touch. I will dislike them less if they finish what they started with, like we were taught as children.

It is raining heavily on and off so we thought the Squirrels would be taking shelter in their den/nest/cozy corner and we wanted to leave our bunch of bananas to further ripen on the tree for just a couple more days. What did they do? Claw, chew and destroy of course … 😡

Squirrels' logo

Squirrels’ logo

The saved bunch

The saved bunch

No choice, the bunch had to be cut off and brought indoors for ripening.  After all, it is us human beings who planted, fertilized, waited for our ‘fruit of labor’ and they (the squirrels) are simply food wasters.

Should anyone successfully invent a Squirrel repellent, do please, please, let me know.