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Honey Harvest

They (the Honey Bees) are going strong. The hive is densely populated. It’s still summer and they have time to accumulate more pollen and nectar, regurgitate them over and over until a substance called Honey is produced.

On Wednesday, we felt it was a good time to harvest some honey and out of over 20 bars in our top-bar hive, 3 bars of honey-filled combs were all we would be taking. They deserve to keep the rest for themselves.

Apart from just harvesting honey, an inspection was needed to ensure that there wasn’t an invasion of beetles or mites.

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Beezy Bodies

The Bee-Box on our next door neighbor’s yard ~ thank goodness they are nature lovers too ~ plus I have learned lots from them.  Good neighbors are priceless!

I regularly see those gorgeous bees all over my yard & they have helped to pollinate lots of female Papaya flowers, but to see the number of bees actually “living” in that box is eye-opening… pardon the pun.  🙂

The Bee Box

The Bee Box

… and the Bee Keeper (who is a 3rd generation one) is checking on his Queen and her workers.  It’s the 1st time I’m seeing this and it was just simply intriguing. In this shot he doesn’t have his protective gear on, that came on later.

I called him the Beeman

I call him Mr. Beeman

Even got a video of Mr Beeman in action.
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