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Honey Harvest

They (the Honey Bees) are going strong. The hive is densely populated. It’s still summer and they have time to accumulate more pollen and nectar, regurgitate them over and over until a substance called Honey is produced.

On Wednesday, we felt it was a good time to harvest some honey and out of over 20 bars in our top-bar hive, 3 bars of honey-filled combs were all we would be taking. They deserve to keep the rest for themselves.

Apart from just harvesting honey, an inspection was needed to ensure that there wasn’t an invasion of beetles or mites.

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Real Raw Honey

After watching step-by-step videos (many of them) on YouTube, we decided to give the process of extracting clean honey a try.  Fortunately we have tools from our home beer-brewing kit that can be used.  The honey comb ‘salvaged’ from our Big Bee Move was placed in fully sterilized container and very gently hand crushed. The sticky mixture was then put in fine sieve to slow drip into a sterilized bucket with a tap. Yes, we were forewarned that the drip procedure might take 3 days so we left it slooowly dripping, safely covered by a mesh, for 4 days ~ just in case. 

hand crushed comb in the sieve

hand crushed comb in the sieve

And today, we actually saw clean pure honey dripping from the tap into our prepared bottles. We ended up with 2 bottles which caught us by surprise ~ a nice surprise!

Clean raw honey

Clean raw honey