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Mother Nature’s Pest Controller

Organic gardening can be a test of patience and sometimes, admittedly, painful but the results will bring on smiles.

Mama Ladybug (Ladybird) has been hovering around my eggplant and even took shelter in the folds of the bloom during the cold front last week.

Mama Ladybug

Mama Ladybug

… and I had to almost bite my fingers to stop myself from squashing those wingless aphids that I saw, slowly, multiplying.  This morning I discovered that my pest control squad has arrived!!

Ladybug junior (larva) devouring her breakfast

Ladybug junior (larva) devouring her breakfast

Yes, they have arrived ~ The Charge of the (Lady)Bug Brigade … Oh what JOY.   😀


The Awakening of the Cannibal

My favorite pest controller has awoken from her winter hibernation. She’s a little cannibal beetle who will devour those tasty parasites who will otherwise invade & wreck my edible greens.

Welcome back my sweet little Ladybug!

Nice & comfortably tucked in.


and there she laid her Eggs by my little fruiting Eggplant.


Ladybug’s Babybug

Ladybug's Babybug

Nice aphid afternoon snack … yumyum!


The 1st Ladybug for 2014 is in!! Image

And she has laid many golden eggs which hopefully will hatch & be my pest-control assistants. Image

Yes, I practiced self-control, refrained from squeezing & killing those darn aphids, so now I hope these little Ladybugs-to-be will hurry up, pop out and eat them all up for me.