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Happy Diwali!!

I’d like to wish all Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain Bloggers – “HAPPY DIWALI”.

As I walked along the streets of Little India in Singapore yesterday, once again I could just feel the joy and the warmth of the Festival of Lights.


Devotees heading to the temple.


Enjoying refreshments


The streets of Little India with road section cordoned off for devotees’ walk to the temple.


Eye-catching window display… not ribbons but wrist bangles!


Close up shot of the colorful wrist bangles.


The colorful hangings and the fragrant incense just add to the festival ambience.


Garlands with lovely natural floral fragrance


The Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple all prepared for the Festival of Lights.

In a few hours, I will join in the fun and enjoy the smiles and greetings.



Little India in Singapore

Globally, almost everyone knows of, or has heard of, Chinatowns.

Little India

Little India

Well in Singapore a, multi-racial country, we have Little India and I just love going there to enjoy the aroma of fresh flowers, ground spices & curries in the air.

With the Hindu Festival of Lights,  Deepavali/Diwali forthcoming – in Singapore it falls on October 22nd this year – things are going full force with special sales all over streets and any “spare space”.

Temporary tents set up for shopping

Temporary tents set up for shopping


Shoppers everywhere in a buying frenzy… & that’s a good sign as it shows the economy is doing well.

Floral Neck Garlands being continuous tied & sold.

Floral Neck Garlands being continuous tied & sold.


Those gorgeous fragrant floral garlands are just getting tied non-stop.  If one stands there watching how they are tied and the speed those hands work, it is actually mesmerizing…

Real Live Bees!

Real Live Bees!

and there, right in the city central amongst baskets of plucked and tied flowers were bees,  real live bees!!  The stallholders did not mind them, neither did customers & everyone there just smiled, talked & did business like they were in garden instead of along busy road(s).  The beauty of Mother Nature!

Shoppers galore

Shoppers galore

Biryani with Cauliflower fritters, fishcake, yoghurt cucumber pickles ...

Lunch on banana leaf – superb… & I ate with my fingers like the local Indians do.

After 3 hrs of walking & browsing, I felt the calling of a late lunch.  So I went to my favorite restaurant that serves real Indian food on the real Banana Leaves.  Why else would it be named The Banana Leaf Apollo Restaurant?!

I will be back again for more food but my initial craving for real Indian curry is now temporarily satiated.  😀