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Lo and Behold there are Loquats (枇杷)!

(I couldn’t resist using that bit of medieval English, after all I grew up with that kind of expression since my father was an English Literature teacher and I’m a lover of John Keats’ poems.)  😀

Back to the subject … the last time our Loquat tree (or then a still immature plant) had bunches of buds and blooms, it just bore a pathetic few ripe edible fruits. I guess it can be called a ‘false hope’ of sort.

This season has been a little more fruitful. Yes, lots of blooms have actually turned to fruits and ripening (& we’ll share them with our feathered friends).

Ripening on the tree.

Ripening on the tree.

It’s not as dense fruiting as some trees I’ve seen but I think it has finally reached a stage of maturity and will give us fruits for many more years to come.

Still yellow but not quite ripe yet.

They’re yellow but not sufficiently ripe yet.

Soon, there might be Loquat smoothie, Loquat sherbet or just plain Loquat pluck-&-eat.

Young, green fruits galore.

Young, green fruits galore.

Yes, growing fruits is a test of one’s patience but when fruits start emerging, there is realization that it’s all been worthwhile.



Loquat (枇杷)

The fruit name Loquat is derived from the Cantonese term Lo-Guat.  pi pa gao
It’s Mandarin name is Pi-pa  (枇杷) and since I was a child I’ve always known it as the “bad stomach fruit” as all cousins and I were given Loquat Paste or Pipa Gao when we had stomach upset.


Well, we now have a 3 year old Loquat tree growing and I am still patiently waiting for some real yellow fruit to appear.   This fruit has been grown in China for eons but I have never researched its medicinal value. I know it is excellent served as dessert ~ skinned, chilled and laced with Grand Marnier.

About a year ago, while surfing the internet on a separate subject, hubby found out that it’s leaves had skin-healing properties. So when eczema hits, he takes his prepared Loquat Leaf concoction … seems to work, though I’m not sure if it’s for real or just a placebo effect.

It’s been a long wait and with lots of care rendered … I am really hoping to see some bloom and nice ripe 枇杷 this Fall!!  *sigh* (I won’t say that I hate Loquat Paste again, I promise.)

Disclaimer:  Our use of Loquat Leaves is our personal choice. I am only sharing this information here from experience and not as a medical expert. You should do your own research and dabble with its healing properties carefully and at you own risk.