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He Woke Me Up …

“Rat taa taa taat!”
Me:  *yawn* Wat wassat?!
I looked at my alarm clock ~ not due yet ~ OK, false alarm (pun intended).
Head went back down to my comfortable pillow, eyelids slowly came down.
Then again “Rat taa taa taat!”
Now I’m wide awake!!

By the back door, what I saw made me quickly run back in to grab my camera and then slowly, very stealthily, creep back out again to try my luck to get a few shots.

Pileated Woodpecker

There was Mr P Woodpecker (different from the the Ladder-Backed Woodpeckers, who love our front yard oak tree). He was pecking away at (of all things) my bathouse! The bathouse, being hollow, of course made an extra loud “Rat taa taa taat!” compared to a tree trunk, no wonder it woke me up.

He’s a big one ~ about 20″ tall, while standing vertical on the bathouse, that is.

That’s 1 handsome bird!

Look at those eyes!

Want to see his head rattle and hear his wake-up call?
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Pest Controller At Work

It has been an exceptionally warm and dry summer this year so instead of perpetual watering, I have allowed the veggie-beds’ soil to “bake” itself and hopefully kill some destructive nematodes.

But yesterday it rained … actually it poured!
By sunset, it brought out the bugs and the bug guzzlers (whom I treasure). I have found frog-watching to be a fascinating pastime.

Ventral image of Froggy

Ventral image of Froggy

Has anyone spent time just watching how these carnivorous amphibious pest controllers work?
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Lovebirds being made known and shown

The Lovebirds were together this morning amongst the vines of the Passionfruit. It’s a foot away from my kitchen window.

She eats while he stands guard,
oh! what love does to the heart.
They are just birds and not like us,
I guess birds show love without any fuss.

Something tells me that this is in preparation of eggs and chicks forthcoming this Spring.


What a chemical free Food Forest brings your way …

I know it looks kind of strange but …

Guest room's window view.

Guest room’s window view.

that’s what my guest(s) will see when looking out of one of the bedside windows. It’s my form of sun-shading and window dressing.

That's a gourd window dressing.

That’s a gourd window dressing, almost ready for harvest.

… and then there’s my kitchen window scene too!

It's my green scene.

That’s food hanging by the window.

My beehive is in the background and some gourds in the foreground. Are you wondering why I’m keep all these green gourd vines in its natural unruly form? This morning, I had a camera in hand ~ at the right place and the right time.

Who needs insecticides & pesticides? Let Mother Nature take care of things.


My Papaya Guard House

I put a broken shell on the recently cut down papaya tree trunk, just in case.

ImageWell, my just-in-case became actual … 1 of my backyard pets has made it his abode! This morning when I looked up from a distance, there he was, keeping a lookout and watching me plucking my beans. Image

I ran indoors to grab the camera and as I walked out with it in hand, there he was, still sunning himself, enjoying his new highrise apartment and the view.

I got a close-up, with an adorable smile.

Yeah, I love frogs.