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What happens when you coppice a Papaya Tree

In mid-June the ever-growing female papaya tree had to be “lowered” as it had hit the soffit, well it became a Frog’s Hideaway but got even healthier!

original fruits of the mother plant

The Coppice

Today it has 6 “branches” or mini-trunks full of buds. If these buds all successfully become fruits like the original ones, I would be 1 happy Papaya grower with lots to share  😀


It’s Alive!!

AliveNo, I’m not referring that grotesque being in the 1974 movie. It’s my chopped down papaya tree that I’m ‘talking’ about. I actually apologized before cutting and asked her to please grow again … and by golly! she did.  😀

OK you sweet thing, don’t grow too tall now & hit the soffit again, bear loads of fruits, please.
(… and Froggy loves you too)

More Papaya Saga

What’s left of the Papaya “trunk” is now a Frog house BUT, this evening, after a very heavy storm, as I walked around checking if any plant needs rescue, I found the cuttings of the papaya tree, left on the pile to be composted. It’s not dying/drying up … actually it looks and feel very much alive. ImageImage

OK, let’s see if it can actually re-grow some roots.
Dug soil and added compost & dung. Sprinkled some rooting hormone.

Put the cut-off top in that patch and covered with more compost & dung mixture. It actually looked very healthy, like some miniature, semi-matured papaya tree with little fruits still intact. Image

Will those fruits continue growing? Will it re-grow roots & live on to survive Fall & under a blanket during Winter frost? Now I’m really curious….

If it does continue growing and fruiting, I can’t call this a volunteer ~ more like a Born Again tree.

My Papaya Guard House

I put a broken shell on the recently cut down papaya tree trunk, just in case.

ImageWell, my just-in-case became actual … 1 of my backyard pets has made it his abode! This morning when I looked up from a distance, there he was, keeping a lookout and watching me plucking my beans. Image

I ran indoors to grab the camera and as I walked out with it in hand, there he was, still sunning himself, enjoying his new highrise apartment and the view.

I got a close-up, with an adorable smile.

Yeah, I love frogs.

Papaya Tree Cut-Down

Sometimes, one has to do what is necessary, not what is liked but simply what has to be done.  😦

ImageSo, we had to cut down a volunteer papaya tree that has given us much fruit as it was growing in a retaining wall, grew so high that it surpassed the roof & was leaning on the gutter. Image

How the seedling got there is beyond me. Anyway it grew & was a female tree but the flowers did get pollinated & bore us those super sweet, thick pulp papayas.

I decided to leave a part of the “trunk”, just in case it decides to re-grow into a coppice. Now I leave it in the goods hands of Mother Nature.

Yes, it’s my personal Cenotaph.