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Toby Hemenway

Yesterday was indeed a sad day for me.
The day before, I had hoped that all would end well but that was not to be.

Toby Hemenway, a permaculture guru, whom I have been following ardently passed away from pancreatic cancer.

I loved his style of teaching, his sense of humor and his superbly written books. Gaia’s Garden is 1 of the early books that gave me a push to garden the way I’m doing now.


Rest in Peace, Mr Hemenway … and thank you for all the information you’ve shared.


Growing Corn Experiment

Is anyone reading this post into Permaculture or Edible Food Foresting?
OK, it’s admission time. I am. I’m very interested in cultivating a backyard full of edible plants/fruits. I have tried different ways to see if I can grow or propagate food plants ~ learning from books and the internet, for it is afterall my 1st garden.

When you have that 1 pathetic remaining cob in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, a month after the supermarket corn season, what do you do with it? I decided to semi-cover the whole cob with soil (unpeeled) in my sheltered patch behind a bokashi bin, which I know is shaded and perpetually moist.

I observed its ‘progress’ but today I just felt I had to move it/them to open space.

corn sprouts

Children of the Corn ~ sorry Mr King ~ just borrowing your words.

Green leaf needing sun.

Green leaves needing sun.

Has anyone grown corn this way? How did people grow corn in the past? What happened to cobs which were not harvested or overlooked in small corn patches?

The Corny Monster

The Corny Monster

I have sowed ‘Silver Queen’ corn and they are growing fine for now but I will leave these little corn sprouts in the hands of Mother Nature… and so goes my strange backyard experiments.

Are you into Seed Saving?

One of the most informative books I have read on How, Why, When to save seeds.  If you are into Permaculture &/Or Organic Gardening, try to get your hands on this book ~ buy, beg, borrow … but please don’t steal! … and you will end up valuing your edibles, not harvesting all but allowing some to just live on & produce their seeds (& seedlings).

saving seed book

Ever tried catching water…?

We did.  Coming from Singapore, even as a child, I have had Save Water Campaigns drummed into me (pun intended) continuously as we, on that tiny island, did not have our own water supply & depended on Malaysia for water catchment. So, when my “other half” decided to build a water catchment system, I was delighted.

We got 2 drums from our friend and after much measuring, planning, seeking a location, my “other half” decided it was doable and work began… followed by test after test … which was weather dependent.

Double drum system

Double drum system

And when it finally worked, I even recorded the whole process on a short video to show his parents. Now, they are Australians and Downunder, water-tanks are so common (as seen in many of Geoff Lawton’s videos), but in Florida it’s a different ball game.
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Colette’s Bealtaine Cottage

As I keep reading Colette’s posts on her blog ~ Bealtaine Cottage ~ and seeing all those beautiful photos, it gives me hope that my dream of Nirvana is indeed attainable.

I used to not dare think of owning land filled with loads and loads of fruit trees and vegetables. Now, if/when I wake up 1 day and realize I actually do have a food forest around my house, I will be able to accept that fact and not think I’m being delusional or still asleep and just dreaming.

Oh, what motivation!


My 1st attempt at building a Hugelkultur bed after much reading. Since there is “old” thick oak branches from last year’s clean-up, why not try using them, right?Image  So made a mini wall on the slope & filled the space with those old branches, then slowly filled with composted manure, topsoil and some dried oak leaves.

ImageThen I decided to insert some pipes which had holes drilled in them to help with watering and maybe even use to put up a trellis.

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