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Is this Recycling or Upcycling?

I, with my simple vocabulary range, will just call it re-using. How about that?
Yes, I have found some of those discarded plastic containers of great use and they can be used multiple times too. Be it the Paris Agreement or Global Warming concerns, it is just my nano contribution to slowing down the flow to the recycling plant.

Watering bottle

Apart from the general hose-watering, I use this method to water slow and deep in areas which do not get rained on – keeps my Daikon & Carrots happy.  🙂

Feeding liquid seaweed fertilizer this way gets it right where it’s needed. No spraying around causing soil-splatter on leaves.

These bottles have been in my possession and used for over 2 years yet they are still in very good condition.

To start seeds in winter, even the not-so-chilly Florida winter, I would still need a greenhouse-of-sort. I don’t have seeding lights, warm mats and other expensive stuff avid gardeners use. I use supermarkets’ salad containers which I call green-boxes.

My seeding “boxes” – (R) is box with lid 4″ high & (L) is box over box 8″ high.

You can start with boxes in their original form – box & lid, but as the seedlings get taller, the lid can be peeled off (for next use, again as lids ) and another box can be used as cover giving the plants growing space. These boxes are 4″ high so with 2 boxes together (see pic above; left item) seedlings can happily stay there longer.

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Speed your Seed’s germination

With the slower growing Fall-greens’ seeds having been sown and cuttings in water being rooted. I’ve decided to ‘speed-sow’ the faster growing vegetables which can be harvested (in about 30 days) by leaf snipping, e.g. spinach, lettuce, etc. It takes slightly more initial work but it speeds up the germination and removes guesswork. (Yes, sometimes when nothing surfaces, we start wondering if the seeds are still good for planting.)

I keep and use/re-use food containers with kitchen towels for this. Just lay the towels down, moisten with water and sprinkle the seeds.

Speedy seed germination

Speedy seed germination

Place their tops on and in 24-36 hours, you will see some change ~ if the seeds are still good. Gently add drops of water if needed.

Seeds doing OK.

Seeds doing OK.

I usually let it further grow another day with mild morning sun to help it and it simply springs to life, faster than in any seeding mix or pellets. Then comes the extra work that needs to be done slowly and gently.

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