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Banana Improvement

After posting about the nasty squirrels ~ whom I call Food Wasters,  I received some advice from Judy Dykstra-Brown.  

Apart from deterring squirrels, I hope this will help those bananas in my yard to grow really big and fat. :mrgreen:



AFTER (male flower cut off)

(male flower cut off)

POST-AFTER (all wrapped up)

(all wrapped up)

The bunch is now without the male bloom and all wrapped up in a transparent, bottomless garbage bag.

Thanks Judy!!  I can’t wait to see what’s the outcome.


Saving my Bananas; Outsmarting the Squirrels

Destructive Squirrels

Destructive Squirrel destroyed whole bunches where red-arrowed.

Squirrels may look cute but they can be destructive!  They do not just eat 1 fruit then move on to the next. They just take 1 bite then pluck & chuck. This I’ve seen personally but only managed to get 1 shot of them after ripping off loads of green bananas & then jumping off to the next bunch to begin more destruction.

Yet I can’t bring myself to kill them  😦

My next step is to outsmart them & hope to keep my bananas in full bunches instead of 2/3rd destroyed.

Raja Bananas in formation

Raja Bananas in formation

I’m about to take a 1 month vacation and have a young bunch of Raja bananas now in formation.  I’ve been staring at them hoping for a solution to come to mind. Yesterday, it just came to me “bang!” (like Eureka!).  I need something porous but opaque, strong & water resistant, so that those mini-monsters can’t see the Rajas ~ hmm … perhaps a seed bag can be used as a cover (recycling ♻) since I’m not physically around to scare them.

Seed Bag is now Banana Bag

Seed Bag is now Banana Bag

Size is right.
Stitching is easy, using jute strings & only tie-strings are needed to be  put in for easy untying & retying if needed.

Banana Bag in place with 3 Tie-Strings

Banana Bag in place with 3 Tie-Strings

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