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Re-do what I can’t Undo

There are all kinds of Permaculture courses, websites, talks, etc… but I have yet to find information which incorporates features for hurricane resistant designs &/or plants. If anyone knows of  links to this aspect, please share.

For now, I guess no matter how “Permanent” one plans to develop one’s garden/farm the ultimate controller is Mother Nature. Hurricane Matthew came and showed his tantrum, left after destroying 60% of my vegetables and seedlings, but showed some mercy to my fruit trees and vines ~ so I shouldn’t complain, I guess.

They survived!

They survived!

It’s been a busy fortnight cutting down branches, fronds, adjusting/leveling small trees, etc. and of course watching the sun’s angle at different times of the day to maximize its spread over the vegetable plots.

Palm fronds drying as my path mulch.

Palm fronds drying as my path mulch.

It’s a little late to sow most of Fall’s crop seeds but “better late than never” has a grain of truth to it. The sight of seedlings happily growing brings joy (to me) and reaffirms that life is but a cycle.

Onion seedlings

Onion seedlings beginning life

The seeds I saved from Spring are now in the soil, continuing their species’ growth and hopefully, part of my supply of fresh greens throughout winter ~ Florida winter, that is.

Seed tray & little "green boxes" (recycled salad packaging)

Seed tray & little “green boxes” (recycled salad packaging) and some cuttings slowly bearing roots.

signs of life ..

From cuttings come signs of life

All is not lost ~ I foresee some harvest, though not as much, this Fall ~ for that, I am thankful. It is a minuscule reason compared to when the early pilgrims and puritans were dependent on, and how they valued their harvests but still, I am grateful simply for having been given Life.
harvest  Happy Thanksgiving!





Vanastree Seed Saving

I just went to this site and watched a documentary which I found to be fascinating and educational. I have many Indian friends in Singapore but this aspect I never knew. Go to this link and watch how a group of Indian women (in India) got together, decided to save heirloom seeds, and became caring sisters-at-heart with no regard to the caste system.  Just awesome!

Vanastree Seed Saving

The also have a WordPress site.

2015 Has Not Been A Gourd Year

hanging from a branch "tellis"

hanging from a branch “trellis”

Could it be attributed to what everyone seems to be talking about? Global Warming? Bittergourd grows well in the Tropics but this year’s summer came like a sudden heatwave. Could that have upset its growth pattern?

We’ve only harvested a dozen this summer with perhaps another 5 more to go. Compared to last year and year before, when we got 4 times more, it makes seed saving more urgent so I sacrificed the largest to ripen for its seeds (not for consumption) and not wait till the end of the season.

Bittergourd seeds are just beautiful to look at when the gourd is ripe and the seeds are ready to be saved for the next year’s sowing.

Fresh out of the gourd.

Fresh out of the gourd.

Some with pulp removed.

Some with pulp removed.

Laid out for drying

Laid out for drying, to be saved for next year’s sowing.

I never knew that trying to start a Food Forest would entail such a wacky gamble but I will (try to) stick to my motto:  Sow, then eat those that grow.  Yes, Mother Nature never promised me a harvest quota from each seed during each season.




My Seedy Hobby

OK, I’ll have to admit it… I’m a Seed Hoarder, especially Tomato seeds, because I’m a tomato lover. Each season I save a tasty variety from the strongest plants and continue enjoying their fruits on my dining table.

I also do it the lazy short-cut way, with no qualms.

Whether scooping or squeezing or simply brushing off the cutting board ~ seeds are seeds.

Whether scooping, squeezing or brushing off the cutting board ~ seeds are seeds.

Put them in a metal strainer and then into some water, use a finger to gentle rub them against the strainer to get off the pulp.

Put them in a metal strainer and then into some water, use a finger to gently rub them against the strainer to get off the pulp.

Seeds  are now more or less pulp free.

Seeds are now more or less pulp free.

Tap onto a paper towel to dry.

Tap onto a paper towel to dry.

Seeds for next planting. Even with some paper pieces stuck on ~ seeds are seeds.

Seeds for planting. Even with some paper pieces stuck on ~ seeds are seeds. For storage though, leave them to dry 100% before keeping.

Yes, I’m ready to grow more heat-resistant Florida 91 tomato plants during this hot summer!

Okra ~ the warm weather plant

Finally!  My Okra or Ladies-finger plants are starting to bear fruit, well the red ones are. Hopefully green ones will follow suit soon.

Beautiful leaves with red veins.

Beautiful leaves with red veins indicating it’s the Red Okra.

The Young Ones

The Young Ones

Nice and ready

Nice and ready

The first full pod I usually leave to grow and dry out – for seeds. These seeds I can further sow for more plants in summer.  Summer Gumbo soon to come.

Are you into Seed Saving?

One of the most informative books I have read on How, Why, When to save seeds.  If you are into Permaculture &/Or Organic Gardening, try to get your hands on this book ~ buy, beg, borrow … but please don’t steal! … and you will end up valuing your edibles, not harvesting all but allowing some to just live on & produce their seeds (& seedlings).

saving seed book