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Ever tried catching water…?

We did.  Coming from Singapore, even as a child, I have had Save Water Campaigns drummed into me (pun intended) continuously as we, on that tiny island, did not have our own water supply & depended on Malaysia for water catchment. So, when my “other half” decided to build a water catchment system, I was delighted.

We got 2 drums from our friend and after much measuring, planning, seeking a location, my “other half” decided it was doable and work began… followed by test after test … which was weather dependent.

Double drum system

Double drum system

And when it finally worked, I even recorded the whole process on a short video to show his parents. Now, they are Australians and Downunder, water-tanks are so common (as seen in many of Geoff Lawton’s videos), but in Florida it’s a different ball game.
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