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Feathering her Nest?

My very limited knowledge of birds restricts me from detailed commenting on the North Carolina Wren but Wikipedia tells me their preferred habitat is in dense cover in forests and farm edges. Well, these sweet birds have once set up nest in my hanging tomato planter and now they have decided to try out our porch light. Strange place but they’re most welcome.

probably measuring the "floor space" for her nest

Mama Wren probably measuring the “floor space” for her nest

Then she turns around with no chirp and no fear ~ simply stayed put while I was bringing out our recycle bin.

just looked at me

sat still and just looked at me

1 more camera click before I went in

1 more camera click before I went in

Life is so rich when you live simply and share your space with “the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees” as the song goes …