The Beginning

We were basically sick of living in areas with Home Owners’ Association (admittedly I was sicker of the 2) and began casually looking for places we could move to without all those rules and regulations. I was forewarned many times while in Singapore … do check if the property matches your Feng Shui ‘chi’ (energy), so I guess deep down before buying property to live on/in I did kind a check the direction, house no., etc.

One day while running an errand, “wham” I came upon this piece of land that felt just right. It was sort of magnetic. OK, the property market was crashing so why not? Buy it we did, a quarter-acre piece of land, with empty plots on both sides, facing a cow field!

Our piece of undeveloped land plot.

Our piece of undeveloped land plot.

An then came the stormy season and our simple No Trespassing sign (put up for fun) broke off halfway to read “NO ASSING”.

We were in no rush, so we checked out builders, architects, etc… We even built a cardboard sample to scale, changing this, changing that, getting a feel of what our self-designed house would/could do.  After almost 6 months, we were ready.
The land clearing began.Land Clearing We stipulated the keeping of those matured palm trees in our front yard, saving and moving some to the borders and that all important oak tree in front was not to be moved/killed, whatever it took.

So we built an oak well before they began the landfill… yeah, they top up land here with stuff unknown called filldirt, just like the old East Coast/Marine Parade land reclamation. Nothing grows in/on filldirt!!