Unique in an American Home

I found it very strange that a feature that is seen all over ~ in American restaurants’ kitchens, ladies bathroom, public washrooms, offices’ bathrooms, wet areas everywhere ~ except in private homes & apartments.

Yet, in Singapore and other parts of Asia, this is found in every concrete constructed residence, be it individual single-family homes, ground or 40th floor apartments. They are in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, everywhere that is considered a “wet area”, where there are water taps and/or may be rained on.

The simple Floor-Drain.

Floor Drain which allows cleaning/washing floors of “wet areas”.

This is 1 feature I told the architect to put in without fail in the kitchen and all bathroom floors outside of the shower area/bathtub. This allows me to literally wash the kitchen floor with soap & water and safely drain the bathrooms in case of tap leaks.

Unique?  Yes and No, depending on how you look at it.  😀