Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon)

The Charge of the Bike Brigade is a common sight at ALL traffic junctions. 04212010(012)Vroom vroom is just part of the daily acoustics .

 The General Post Office – loud French ArchitectureDSCF0052
and the beautiful interior … it just reflects the European influence of the past.

That’s a Saigon “No Through Road”. We wondered what was at the end and found out.04212010(002)

DSCF0003A child’s innocence and curiosity knows no race, language, religion or country.

04202010Vietnamese coffee brewing contraption. It looks like an inverted hat, placed on top of a coffee mug, then on it sits a cup with little holes that acts as a filter. Put in your ground coffee & pour boiling water, let it steep & you get superb coffee. You will get that & a vacuum flask of hot water when ordering coffee in a local Vietnamese coffee shop.

See if you’re brave enough to cross the road or ride a bike, yes, take up
The Road Challenge below.

While there, a trip to the Mekong River was simply a must, so we made our way to the village on horse cart as the roads were a little too narrow for buses. So clipperty clop we went…

The food shops were busy preparing their dishes and it was tempting to try but most were not ready to sell. What a pity.


 Street vendors were just everywhere!

After visiting some fruit farms, we got brought downstream in old style wooden river kayaks. Mekong distributaries are like mini-roads leading to villages and even individual houses.


I guess these are little parking spots of the owners of those houses behind the swamp pines. Mekong5

With a friend’s recommendation, we visited the Cu Ci Tunnels. Yes, I went into the tunnels but I found it a little grotesque to want to treat it as a holiday treat.